Bumps and Burpees


Het boek Bumps and Burpees is geschreven door Charlie Barker en het ISBN is 9780241491119. Deze paperback wordt aangeboden op bol.com. Dit betreft een nieuw boek.

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Personal trainer, founder of Bumps & Burpees, and new mum Charlie Barker provides you with workouts designed specifically for you to do safely during your pregnancy. Learn how to keep your baby safe when working out and what physical changes you can expect in each trimester. Step-by-step exercises designed to develop your strength, fitness and flexibility, will help you to carry your growing baby in greater comfort, prepare you for childbirth, and recover well. Best of all, you can do it all at home, with minimal or no equipment. Inside the pages of this DK book, you’ll discover: – The personal story of pre and postnatal fitness expert, Charlie Barker – Expert advice on what to expect during each trimester – 36 safe and effective pre and postnatal workouts – Step-by-step illustrated exercises for each trimester and postpartum – Q&As on the latest facts and outdated myths – Safety warnings and instructions on when to seek medical advice – Real-life stories for inspiration from other mothers Stay strong, fit, and safe throughout your pregnancy and motherhood. Charlie’s holistic approach helps you prioritise your own health and wellbeing throughout pregnancy and early motherhood, for the benefit of you and your baby. Learn how to keep your baby safe when working out, what exercises you can and cannot do at each stage of pregnancy, what physical changes to expect in each trimester, and how to tackle common complaints such as morning sickness and swollen feet. This book is ideal for new mums, mums-to-be who enjoy exercise, fitness programme first-timers, and even regular exercisers planning to grow their family.

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