Rainmaking Conversations


Het boek Rainmaking Conversations is geschreven door Mike Schultz en het ISBN is 9780470922231. Deze hardcover wordt aangeboden op bol.com. Dit betreft een nieuw boek.

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Conversations make or break everything in sales. Every conversation you have is an opportunity to find new prospects, win new customers, and increase sales. Rainmaking Conversations provides a proven system for leading masterful conversations that fill the pipeline, secure new deals, and maximize the potential of your account. Rainmaking Conversations offers a research-based, field-tested, and practical selling approach that will help you master the art of the sales conversation. This proven system revolves around the acronym RAIN, which stands for Rapport, Aspirations and Afflictions, Impact, and New Reality. You’ll learn how to ask your prospects and clients the right questions, and help them set the agenda for success. Armed with the knowledge of the markets you serve, the common needs of prospects, and how your products and services can help, you can become a trusted advisor to your clients during and after the sale. With the RAIN system, you’ll be able to: * Build rapport and trust from the first contact * Create conversations with prospects, referral sources, and clients using the telephone, email, and mail * Uncover the real need behind client challenges * Make the case for improved business impact and return on investment (ROI) for your prospects * Understand and communicate your value proposition * Apply the 16 principles of influence in sales * Overcome and prevent all types of objections, including money * Craft profitable solutions and close the deal The world-class RAIN SellingSM methodology has helped tens of thousands of people lead powerful sales conversations and achieve breakthrough sales performance. Start bridging the gap between hello and profitable relationships today.

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