The Way of Tea


Het boek The Way of Tea is geschreven door Aaron Fisher en het ISBN is 9780804854368. Deze paperback wordt aangeboden op Dit betreft een nieuw boek.

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Clarity. Health. Peace of mind. These are the goals of The Way of Tea. In this book, readers will learn more about all aspects of tea–from the practical to the spiritual–and how they can implement the accompanying ancient traditions into their modern life. With The Way of Tea, you’ll start by tapping into the wisdom and insights of the Chinese tea masters, learn more about the distinct practices of the chanoyu ( tea ceremony ), and delve into the healthful and holistic benefits of drinking tea. With its antioxidants, polyphenols and amino acids, tea reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease, lowers blood pressure, relieves stress, can help prevent diabetes and eye disease, and improve dental health. Readers will also gain an appreciation for the meditative properties of tea and tea rituals. By engaging with and incorporating these mindfulness practices, you can journey down a path leading to calm and quietude, marked by a greater self-awareness and presence of mind. This new edition includes: An in-depth look at the health benefits of tea A brewing guide for beginners detailing the simple leaves in a bowl method Step-by-step introductions to the Bowl and Teapot tea ceremonies 48 pages of color photos, prints, and paintings from the author’s extensive collection With the help of this book, you will develop a new appreciation for this soothing beverage as a means to both physical and spiritual wellness.

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